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Another New Year ! Another New Product from Kimray !

Another New Year ! Another New Product from Kimray !

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New Product Information:
2″ and 3” Piston Balanced Throttling
Mechanical Valves

Kimray has designed a mechanical valve specifically for erosive service. The Piston Balanced Throttling Mechanical Valve stands up to the demands of high-pressure drops in erosive service. This customer driven valve has been tested in the field and is proven to last four times longer.

Target Customers: Wet gas producers with high sand content.

The Challenge
The soft seat in a standard mechanical valve remains in the path of the process fluid.

When erosive service is present with a high pressure drop, premature erosion to the seat area occurs – resulting in the valve not being able to shut tight against upstream pressure and costly replacement or repairs become necessary.

The Solution
Unlike the standard mechanical valve, the seat in the PBT lifts out of the flow, which eliminates wear on the soft seat, ratio plug and cage assembly.

Core Benefits:

• Larger orifice results in higher capacity flow. In the 2” valve, the CV value increased from 23.3 in the standard valve to 47 in the PBT. The 3” valve CV increased from 43.8 to 89 on the PBT
• Piston assembly rises up out of the flow path, protecting the soft seat and ratio plug from erosion
• Cage assembly does not extend into flowpath, avoiding erosion
• Hard Seat is replaceable
• Screwed body allows up to 500 psi of high pressure


• 2 and 3 phase separators
• Free-water knockouts

For more information, visit our online Kimray Catalog.

Order codes:
2″ = CAZ, CAZ5
3″ = CVA, CVB

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