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Got a tank depot to build? What about a new terminal or loading jetty? We can help. Our Projects Division allows us to engage in detailed engineering, procurement and construction management for all small to medium sized projects. Read more about our full scope of work or check out some of our previous projects below.

Scope of Work

Detailed Engineering
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (“EPCm”) with respect to an oil terminal/section of a plant/terminal.
  • Engineering services: conceptual design, front-end engineering design and detailed engineering.
  • Procurement services: material and equipment purchasing and material management.
  • Project management: consultancy and supervision
  • Detailed engineering of a certain part of a plant/terminal.
  • Depending on the nature, scale and complexity of work, it takes approximately one to two/three years to complete a project.
Project Services

• Feasibility Studies
• Project Planning and Management
• Consultancy
• Detail Design Engineering
• Material and Equipment Procurement
• Project management and Supervision
• Commissioning

Project Design Fields

• Product Handling and Tankage System
• Jetty Product Loading
• Truck Product Loading
• Piping Design
• Utility Supply Facilities
• Pipelines (long distance, on-shore and offshore)
• Sea Berth
• Lube Oil Blending Plants

Engineering Systems

• PD Flow Automation
• Truck loading Automation
• Tank Gauging System
• Marine Jetty loading Automation
• Fire & Gas & Hydrant System