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Got Gas?

11:38 17 June in Uncategorized

We're now selling our very own gas canisters for calibration of gas detectors. Propane, methane, it doesn't matter, you name the gas and we can supply it. Concentration and certification as per industry standards. Contact PNR for a quote today. Call Farid: +65 8481...

General Monitors Flame Test Center

14:45 24 March in Uncategorized

General Monitors is pleased to announce release of a new video showcasing the capabilities of the Flame Test Center Building in Cranberry, Pennsylvania. The video demonstrates the FL4000H and FL3100H detection capabilities using a typical pan fire and shows the speed of response of the...

Pirobloc: Thermal Electric Fluid Heaters

16:57 12 January in Uncategorized

Pirobloc’s electric thermal boilers use electrical resistances of very low density (in order to avoid the degradation of the thermal fluid) and relays of solid state for the regulation adapted of the power. We make this equipment for general applications as indirect heating. The difference...